Dear Allentown Bartender School,

In January 2003 I enrolled in the Allentown Bartender School and completed the Mixology course and passed the required written and speed pouring tests to obtain my certificate. At that time I was employed by IBM and was not interested in utilizing your job placement services; therefore my interest in the course was as a hobbyist wanting to correctly mix cocktails at my home for friends and family members. I very much enjoyed the course and highly recommend it to anyone interested in correctly having to mix cocktails for personal or employment purposes.

It is now February 2010 and I have returned to the school to complete a refresher course. Many graduates may not be aware that the Allentown Bartender School allows graduates to return to school and go through the course again (refresher) free of charge. My interest in completing the course again is not to seek employment. Like many Americans I was laid off in October of 2009. Due to the recession and the state of the economy it has been extremely difficult to land a job as a Program Manager in the IT field where I have worked for 30 years.

Once I complete the course, I will take advantage of your job placement services. As I continue to look for a job in the IT field I would like to become employed as a Bartender to help reduce my personal financial challenges. Because I had originally completed the course approximately 7 years ago I did not feel prepared to become a Bartender without completing a refresher course. I would like to thank the Allentown Bartender School for allowing me to return to school and complete the course again.

Finally after initially completing the course in 2003, I was very excited with the new knowledge I had learned. I was also inspired to build a Bar in my home where friends and family members could gather for their favorite cocktails. The Bar is simply called Joe’s Bar.

Sincerely,  Joe Tomasino