To All:

Whether you are an experienced bartender seeking to add to your professional skills and connections, or a newcomer to bartending, the Allentown Bartender School is not an opportunity to be taken lightly. The advice and teaching that the instructors offer are invaluable.

The two bartending instructors did much more than merely teach me lessons in mixology. From them I learned the exceptional customer service expected of an outstanding bartender, and how to win over the toughest of employers: making both the bar manager and the customer happy. And that, of course, translates into the fine art of earning the big tips.

In addition, the advantage of the school’s job placement program is beyond value. It enabled me to get an immediate interview with an exceptional employer. Upon seeing my professional attire and manner, and my certificate from Allentown Bartender School, I was offered a job before I knew it.

So to prospective bartenders is this: take this course, and use the advice, knowledge and connections this school offers. By doing so, it is inconceivable to me that you would have any difficulty finding just the right employment position for you. Good Luck!

Daniel S. Rhodes, Professional Bartender