Dear Mark,

I thought that I would drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed the two week bartending course you taught. As you are aware, I took a similar course in Philadelphia back in 1978. I would compare the two courses for you, but there isn’t any comparison. Your course is head and shoulders above the training I received in Philadelphia. The “hands on” training you provided was invaluable.

Thanks to your job placement assistance and the leads you supplied, I had a full time job prior to graduation. I started my new job on a busy Friday night and worked the bar from 3-12 by myself. I also had four waitresses working the dining rooms and I was making all the drinks for them. All I can say is thanks for all of those “speed drills” you had us do in class. I didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the barrage of orders I received.

Your course was concise yet thorough, and your years of experience were evident by the quality of the course content. I would recommend this course for anyone considering the bartending field. This course will definitely provide a head start on the competition. It was fun, informative and “first class” all the way.


Dennis R. Bunting