This schedule is personally hand made by our Director of Admissions. This schedule is ideal for the individual that only has time to attend school for one day per week due to outside obligations. You are able to choose one day per week, Monday through Friday of course, and then attend our school from 1 – 10pm with a 1 hour dinner break from 5pm – 6pm. If you can attend at least one day per week from that 1 – 10pm, you will be able to complete our Bartender Training Course in only 5 weeks. If you need more information on how this schedule can work for you, feel free to call 610-821-9450 for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet with our Director of Admissions.

Here is an example schedule:

Monday, Week One – 1pm – 5pm – Highball Collins  6pm – 10pm – Shooters and Layered Drinks

Tuesday, Week Two – 1pm – 5pm – Martini / Manhattans  6pm – 10pm – Sour / Tropical Drinks

Wednesday, Week Three – 1pm – 5pm – Rock Drinks  6pm – 10pm – Before & After Dinner Drinks

Thursday, Week Four – 1pm – 5pm – Wine & Beer Video  6pm – 10pm – Alcohol Awareness Video AND WRITTEN EXAMINATION

Friday, Week Five – 1pm – 5pm – Customer Service  6pm – 10pm – Job Search & Placement AND PRACTICAL EXAMINATION