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Allentown Bartender School will now be having RAMP Certifications take place at our school. An Instructor licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board will be present at the school on Wednesdays, alternating afternoons (2:30 – 5pm) and evenings (7:30 – 10pm). Students enrolled in classes will now be receiving this certification as part of their training here at the school for no additional charge. If you are a former graduate of our school, you are more than welcome to attend classes. There will however be a small charge for anyone not currently enrolled at the school. Not a graduate, no problem. You can still attend the RAMP Certification Course without being a graduate or current student. Anyone interested in attending this class must contact Stephanie Cereghino, School Director to sign up. We are very excited to now be able to incorporate this integral part of Alcohol Awareness into our program. Hope to see you all soon!

Make $100 – $300 Daily

tips Did you know that Certified Professional Bartenders make between $100 – $300 daily? That of course is a combination of both their hourly wages and daily cash tips. You can easily see by simply searching online for bartending jobs that there is a great deal of work for Certified Professional Bartenders. Along with the abundance of job openings, along comes a lot of money to be made. You can begin your New Career today by simply calling Allentown Bartender School at 610-821-9450 or by filling out the form for More Information. We can’t wait to get you started on this new career path. Remember, Learning Leads to Earning, Make a Toast to Your New Career!


Fall Promotion

Currently at the school, we have more immediate Job Leads than Graduates. What this means is more establishments are calling our school for assistance with filling open positions than we have students graduating. This does not happen quite frequently. We have been around for over 22 years, therefore we have a good relationship with most local businesses, and we want to make sure those relationships are kept in good standing. Therefore, we have come up with a way to make your attendance at the school much more possible. If you are interested in finding out more information about our Fall Promotion, simply give us a call at the school 610-821-9450 or fill out the Request Information Tab. Someone from our Admissions Department will be sure to give you all the details about this Promotion and how you can easily take advantage of this opportunity. Remember, Learning Leads to Earning, Make a Toast to Your New Career Today and call 610-821-9450!


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